WHO IS THIS ? Beneath My Skin...


Choreography & interpretation  Desiré Davids 

You look at me and you define me. 

Without question you put me in a box

Do you see me? REALLY see me?

“ I AM OF MIXED RACE. Black and White. I do not know how much of each, if that is what you want to know.  All I know is that I am me and that is what I would like you to see. Not your version of what you think I should be or an image of me that is comfortable for you to accept”. Desiré Davids



In collaboration with French photographer, Pascale Beroujon, Desiré Davids created “WHO IS THIS? Beneath My Skin...”. Through this performance of mixed media... photo images, live and fixed video projection, the artist as much as the spectator are confronted with and interrogated about the different “layers” of which we are constructed.


THE  WORK is done predominantly as a solo with extended video work including the videographer on stage.

It is an investigation into my heritage and to what degree it has defined and influenced me as a person. 

Where do I find myself as a «coloured» woman in South Africa today?

04 Desire Davids
02 Desire Davids

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