Trio sans Titre

Collaborative work between  

Desiré Davids (South Africa), Dorine Mokha (DR Congo)

Nicolas Mondon (France)


Choreography & interpretation  Desiré Davids & Dorine Mokha 

Music (Prepared Piano)  Nicolas Mondon 

This is a work that started out of curiosity and a need to create something that is a departure from our everyday social and political context

To create a moment of being

A simple meeting between places and between spaces....between notes. 

Connections & Images are created, proposed, explored, left...


We are curious... 

But we ask less questions, we take more risk into the unknown, we let ourselves be influenced by the present, place and space, our bodies, each with its own histories in this space, a time to create a "present moment "  a time suspended, a common memory, untitled. 


“we all need moments of beauty in our lives, moments where we just “are”, moments in time, in space, 

in place.....and maybe, we need it even more so, in places where there is a continuous daily struggle to survive...”

Akademie Schloss Solitude: Stuttgart, Germany (Phase 1)

Studios Kabako – Pamoja: Kisangani, DRCongo (Phase 2)

© Cie Desiré Davids - All rights reserved / All images reserved - 2020