JMD - Danse a Montpellier 27 June 2011


“...In brief, a lot of thought and work has been done to achieve the multiplicity of views beautifully accomplished.

However the mastery of the lighting and space has to bow to the power and rhythm of the dance....All to say, we are here in the presence of a real dancer.”

September 7, 2010

BUSSINESS DAY  - South Africa: On the stage  Mary Jordan

"Who is this beneath my skin?" is a search for self; a call to break away from stereotypes and seek to be unique in a world that sells us the line that "One size fits all" much too often.

She undertakes a striptease that literally and metaphorically bares her soul and body in a brave and fiercely independent work.

She collaborates with French photographer and videographer Pascale Beroujon, whose sublime images are an integral part of the work.

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